Cosplay Plans

I'm bad at remembering all the cosplays I plan on making, so I figured I'd keep track of it here.  I'm always happy to hear cosplay suggestions too; I sometimes need inspiration

ALA 2011
Klan - macronized version (Macross Frontier)   I might have it done earlier!
Kei Yuki (Harlock CG movie)

Fanime/AX 2011
Risty (Queen's Blade)


Raiden (MGS4 - this is more of a question of when than if)
Sniper Wolf (MGS)
Astaroth (Shinrabansho)
Ken Marinaris (ZOE2)
Infected Kerrigan (Star Craft)
Laughing Octopus (MGS4)
Urd (Ah! My Goddess)
Asuka (Shunya Yamashita version)
Yoko (TTGL - STARS Stewardess or Fetish Version)
Morrigan (Darkstalkers)


Who's going?

Here's my schedule:
Friday - Sweet Snake Raiden Figumate (MGS4)
Saturday - Selvaria (Valkyria Chronicles)
Sunday - Cammy (Street Fighter)
Monday - Eva (MGS3) or plain clothes

Selvaria progress - again

I redid the blouse for Selvaria, and it looks MUCH better.  I have to add the design to the collar and make the cuffs, but it's close to getting done finally.

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Todd's Jaeger costume is also almost done, so let's just hope I can make Raiden before Fanime too!

Selvaria progress

It's not really near finished yet, but I took a few photos at my mom's house.  The boobs caused the most trouble in this costume, ironically.  The sleeves/cuffs aren't finished, and the collar design has to be put on, and the belts and armor and crap are not done.  Also, I'm totally channeling Michael Jackson with my one glove, because the other one ripped.

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oh, 4chan

Some anon on /cgl/ posted this little comic about me and Todd, and it made me smile.  I love my nuclear physicist husband who likes to dress as characters from nazi vampire cartoons <3